A holiday message from Br4X

I guess he was tired of playin?So we were playing some games a couple of weeks ago, Halo, and XIII to be specific. And after a couple of rousing rounds of invisible opponents with rocket launchers, good ol’ Br4x decides to give us all a message.

I took me a sec’ to figure out just what in the name of Sam Hill he was up to, but it shortly became clear. And he only had to sacrifice his life a mere 5 or 6 times before his own personal Crazy Horse was scribed right onto the gib-laden wall.

This is one of the best screen shots I have. I always forget to take them so, consequently the really funny gib shots are all in my cluttered cranium – not doin’ any one a whole lot of good I know – but I gotta store them somewhere.

While I’m thinking of it, since I’m on the subject of Halo. If you haven’t ever checked out Red vs. Blue. Go, be a web junkie and have a look-see. It’s worth it. These guys make videos of Halo game play and add dialog to a scripted scene – all created in the Halo game engine during normal game play action – no special engines used.

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  1. It’s always fun. This time it was him, John and I – but it is still fun. Too bad you can’t run Halo with Bots for small groups to play – it would be cool as well.

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