LHX – Blast from the past!

Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!!!I was goofing around on the intarweb today – and I got to lookin’ for some old stuff I used play. I was talkin’ with Br4x today about old games, and LHX came up. So, being the nostalgic creature that I am, I found it and downloaded it. Then I had to laugh my arse off when I saw the Difficulty guy sitting there screaming at me!  I had totally forgotten about that! It’s hilarious!

So this game, was developed by Electronic Arts back in the day (1990) and is still surprisingly entertaining. Maybe only because it reminds me of being in the Marines. Me and Sgt. P sitting in front of our big arse Barco screen playin LHX on this 40 thousand dollar 5 foot screen. We had it going on at Mare Island, let me tell ya! We were even burning our own slides with the old Polaroid instant slide film printer right from Harvard Graphics. This was in 1990 and 1991. Believe it or not. That’s what really got me started on computers.

Pissed my Mom off too! I come home from the Corps, and put Arts & Letters(holy cow! they’re still around?!) on her 286, and it took 16 floppies to install! She about flipped! I used up a crap load of her 200mb hard drive!

Anyway, check it out – download the game, play it, relive the glory!

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