Tutorials & Resources

Du du dude! Check it out!!! I have officially opened my tutorials and resources section!

It’s kinda bare right now, as it has only 4 links right now, but I’m working on it. So I have a decent start on a gMail skinning tut, as well as a complete tutorial to get you started with ActionScript based tweening and/or Easing. It’s cool! I use it all the time, and you will increase your 5k1llz if you use it! So go, right now – and begin your quest young paduan.

Future Tutorials

I have been working on quite a few, but as I have limited time – well, at least I try to – I mean, I do actually have to sleep. So look for some more in the coming weeks & months:

  • SQLXML components
  • XML Connector Component
  • Using the XUpdateResolver to edit/add fields to a database

Just to name a couple. Just keep in mind, they will mostly revolve around Flash. Who knows, maybe some CSS too…

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