I fart in your general direction….

bite me spammersHa. I really couldn’t take it any more. After almost 200 comment spams (pretty much the lowest form of internet-scum that I can think of) nailing my blog this weekend, I have made some changes which will hopefully block an arse load of these toad-faced ignoramuses from being able to fill up my comment log with junk.

I mean, there is a certain satisfaction that comes along with hitting the delete function on all that garbage, but I get tired of it.

So, I’m workin’ to make it harder on you jackasses, so move on. You’re crap is not wanted here.

Before I forget too, in case anyone wants my list, here it is: view da list of shame.

3 thoughts on “I fart in your general direction….”

  1. Crap! I have updated the list of shame every day! These folks need to leave me the hell alone!


    Actually, I don’t really care. That’s why there is a delete and moderation function.

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