Four Brothers

Four Brothers movie photoLast night I went and watched Four Brothers in the theatre last night, and I have to say it was an excellent movie. Mark Wahlberg did an excellent job, but I think he excels in these sorts of rolls. he has that sort of tough guy/bad boy look about him anyway, so why not capitalize on it. Right? The cast rounded out with Tyrese Gibson, Andre Benjamin and Garret Hedlund for the 4 brothers, and an excellent supporting cast on all sides.
The story is a pretty recognizable one, but the plot line takes a couple of unexpected turns and never left me bored. I would highly recommend anyone go see this movie. Pretty violent, but not overly so. All in all, damn good movie.
The web site is nicely done as usual.With plenty of extras and info about the film and cast. They incorporated links to get tickets, as well as keep up with what’s new with an update feature. I really like how they incorporated the map into the overall design and functionality of the site too. And of course, it’s Flash based – so it has to be good….

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