Being back from vacation…

Donovan running through the fountainSo I’m back from my vacation now, and as it turns out – it has taken me almost a week to decide whether or not that is indeed a good thing or not. And ya know what? I’m still not sure. After spending 4 days lounging around the Oregon coast, I didn’t really want to return to good ol’ Bradford where the men are men and no one uses the left turn lanes.

Dylan at the fountain wondering what to do about itThe kids [and I] had a blast. We started out at my Mom’s house then migrated to the coast. Beaverton has a fancy new water fountain across the street from their fancy new library and let me just say that the boys love it. I’m not sure who to bribe in town to make it happen – but it would be a hit. Donovan (being the water animal he is) took to it right off, and Dylan took a more contemplative approach. I think that is going to be a partial difference between the 2 goofs – Donovan goes headlong into the breach, and Dylan looks at him trying to figure out the best way to do it. Now mind you, with a 30 foot wide water feature, I don’t really think best way to do it apply’s, but I give him credit for the attempt.

So now we go to this amazing house on the coast (actually in Lincoln City), a-la Litsa’s pop (thank you by the way (again)), and it was beautiful whether and a very relaxing time. Just a whole lot of sitting around shooting the breeze watching the kids duke it out over a sandbox shovel, or a train, or a pile of sand, or a… you get the gist. Funny. Trevan, Donovan’s cousin, likes to tackle, and full-on lambasted the boy a couple of real doozies on the beach. Damn funny.

That's the Spruce Goose, and man it BIG!!!So after that, I gets back to PDX, and hung out some more. Went to the
Evergreen Aviation Museum
and saw the Spruce Goose and a Soviet Space capsule they bought on eBay. Ha! That still cracks me up. The crap you can get on eBay if you have the dough. Anyway, that damn plane is HUGE!!!! Massive, not even capable of doing it justice in type. You have to see it. It fills the massive display hall, and is impossible to get a good picture of. They have a ton of other planes, helicopters and jets. Even a SR-71 Blackbird. Very cool. I had never seen one up close before, and they are impressive.

Played a lot of Munchkin with my Bro and his wife, had some good grub, hung out and had a good time with family and friends. Not much more to be said. I like Portland a lot and will most likely be going there for a many a year…

Oh yeah, check out
Good Dog, Bad Dog
the next time you in town – best dogs on the planet!

More picts of the trip to be posted as I get off my lazy arse too…

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