Ghost Rider Wallpaper

Ghost Rider WallpaperI’m at it again. I love making new wallpapers for my machine. It’s so much more gratifying than just downloading a new one – and usually – it turns out far better.

So I’m sittin here waiting for Ghost Rider to be released. Anticipating it. I love Ghost Rider, he’s almost as messed up as the Punisher, just a bit more evil. What I am really waiting for is for someone at the movie studio to see these and get bent and yalp at me knock it off. It’ll happen. They seem to be not so cool about this sort of thing – but you know what?  Too bad. I like the movies, I like the artwork – and all I am doing is enjoying myself while waiting to give them money. So, one might think a little tolerance would be in order?

Who knows. I have until February of next year to wait anyway – almost as long as the wait until Spiderman 3. Gawd!

Scope out the site too, it’s pretty flippin cool. They probably could have stood to test it a bit more, especially seein’ how the movie isn’t out until next year – but hey, it’s not like I have never released a buggy site…. The links seem to crap out in Firefox, and the site is pretty heavy, so if you have a other than speed interweb jack, be prepared to be waitin’.

Check out the rest of my wallpapers too, if you are in the mood for some other dektop dressing.

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