To the jerk who stole my Sony DigiCam…

Up yours you sniveling little waste of skinPhuX0R J00!!!

I’ve been stewin’ on this for a few days now, and it still really pisses me off.  Some babble-headed dipstick ran off with my Sony DSC-T5 whilst the wife was on vacation with it. The location of it is what really burns my butt; at a family camp. Yeah. Nice.

This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when folks get nice stuff isn’t it? You get a nice car, some ass-clown keys it. You can’t go to a single State Park and not find f$#k you spray painted on a stone or scratched into a table. I know what your gonna say too, that it’s not true. But it is. And whats more, now the damn bear is gonna follow you around. (If you don’t know the inside joke there, listen to Lewis Black – The end of the universe)

Oh yeah, and just in case you think I forgot. Bobke sucks.

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