Digital TV deadline to get a push by Senate?

Reading over at engadget it looks like we might be getting a reprieve from the raging cluster-$%^! that would be the transition to Digital TV next month. I would have to say that isn't a real surprise and if you're surprised I would have to ask about the planet you've been living on for the past, oh.. say decade?

Folks have been criticising the efforts of getting the country transition from analog to digital for some time now, and this isn't the first time a suggested delay has been suggested. The FCC was pretty ticked off when Obama suggested the launch be delayed, and now the Senate has spoken.They made this decision a mere 3 days after they blocked the bill saying it would cause consumer confusion and deprive safety agencies of the much needed airwaves after the transition. I guess I am less confused by the delay, than by the constant pandering that our "leaders" do in order to get their way. So I wonder what pork was slapped onto this bill that made it worthy of being passed?

None of this really has any impact on my ability or desire to watch TV anyway, there aren't any digital towers in my neck of the woods, and I think there is only one TV antennae anyhow, and it doesn't get this far down the valley. The bummer is now we get to suffer through more commercials about how the change will affect you….

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  1. Come on now, how can it be suffering when they are giving you valuable information? That may or may not apply in your lifetime? Obviously, they didn’t fill enough senator’s pockets with their first go at it, and now that they have filled the retirement quotas, we can once again go back to our regularly scheduled commercials.

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