Darth Tater.


I had to post it, the Emperor made me do it. My brother just sent me this photo of his newest family member to grace his shelf, right next to the Joe cartoon Jerbil, and the Kubriks Punisher… [b]DARTH…. TATER![/b]

May the forces of good and the rebellion beware – there is a new Lord in town, and he’s damned if he’s gonna get deep fried without a fight! WTF? This stuff cracks me up. I saw this for the first time a few months ago and it still slays me. Lucas/Star Wars is going off the (commercialism) deep end. You should see the little Playskool Star Wars toys and figures too, they’re hillarious. We bought a ton of them for my kids when we saw them at KB Toys (which was being closed due to the freakin’ Walmart right next door) at 25% off.

I don’t know what’s next, but I’m sure Lucas and crew will find a way to milk this franchise for another 25 years. More power to them I say – people keep on buyin’ it…. so WTF?!

I guess I should say too, I’m no different – I almost bought good ol’ Tater just ‘cus it is so damn funny – not very intimidating though…

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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how the toy manufacturers market Episode III merchandise seeing as how it is to be rated PG-13. As a side note, the trailers look pretty darn cool.

  2. I saw the trailer for the first time the other night when Litsa and i saw Robots, and it was DARK! Wow! Won’t be taking Donovan to see Star Wars – that’s for sure – but yes, it does indeed look awesome. i can’t wait.

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