Crystal Head Vodka by Dan Ackroyd

Crystal Head VodkaTalk about jumping on a strange bandwagon; but creating a business around selling Vodka in a bottle shaped like a Crystal Skull…. oop wait, not skull; head. The video itself is pretty darn amusing, with Dr. Detroit standing up there talking about Mystical properties and mystery surrounding Crystal Heads found around the world, and how decided to create this ultra-pure luxury Vodka using said head as the vessel to contain it.

There's been a lot of speculation that this is just a viral video put out there by goofy ol' Dan to mess with people, or that its placement is part of some weird media stunt for Ghostbusters III, which by the way has no script, or cast. As it turns out though, this is the real deal. The crystal head bottle is made by Bruni Glass in Milan, Italy, and distilled by Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd, out of Newfoundland. There's a great video on the website too with Dan talking about the mystique, the process and his love for fine spirits. Dan even has a winery; Dan Ackroyd Wines.

Any way, the whole thing is kinda goofy and a little off-center. One of the things I always thought was really out of place (besides the whole freakin' idea that is) is that he always refers to it as a Crystal Head, and not a Crystal Skull. It's a skull, not a head. On the website there is even reference to the 13 crystal heads, not skulls. Every reference I have heard about is always crystal skulls.

Even though Mythbusters has shown that simply filtering cheap Vodka will make it better and they actually do filter Vodka with diamonds (like Diaka Vodka), this part is still my favorite:

Crystal Head Triple-Herkimer-Diamond-Filtered Newfoundland Deep Aquifer Pure Spirit Vodka.

Maybe I will check with the local booze shop to see if they can get me a bottle……

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