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I just ran across this site for the Casio G’ zOne Type R – long name, kickin’ phone! These things are water proof, shock resistant, comes with a compass, clock & stop watch, a 2″ screen, 1″ round screen on the front cover. Oh yeah, it also has a built-in camera, which I think gets a resolution of 1280 x 960. Available only in Japan, and in 3 colors.

[url=]You can check out an equally cool site here.[/url]

I wonder how long it will take before you can get service through some random provider to get one of these bad boys here? If ever…

3 thoughts on “Awesome site – cool phone…”

  1. This is a cool phone…too bad we can’t have ’em, none on EBay, I looked 😉 Even if we did, they would prob’ly be in the $500 range =(

  2. yeah, it doesn’t really matter since I don’t get cell service at my house anyway. But I would probably still buy one.

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