A good MoBo is a wonderful thing

Bad feelings gone

After much grumping and generally pissed off stompings, I received my new MoBo yesterday, and got it installed into my sweet Asus Vento tower. This new board, the ASUS A8N32-Deluxe is an outstanding (and heavy) Motherboard. It took me less than an hour to get it hooked up, screwed down and Windows running, and running exceptionally well. I took the liberty of buying a replacement CD for my XP Pro disc, since it was quite aged – and it made all the difference. Right off the bat it recognized the Dual Core AMD brain, and it was a snap to get the 2 gigabit ports working.

By early morning today, I had everything reinstalled and running like a champ. Well almost.

Symantec Sucks

I’m sure you already knew that, but this is a fact. I installed Norton just to find out that since I had installed it last week, only to have to ditch that installation, that I can only install it 3 times before I get locked out. After a 10 minute call with some flunky in India, I find out they will not release the key for any reason. They just say screw you, spend another 40 bucks on a another license. Well up yours Pete! Take your heavy, lousy AV and stick it! Norton is only what it is because you bought out Central Point any way, it’s not like any of your chuckle heads built it.

Back to the good stuff, my ‘puter boots in about 30 seconds flat, runs faster than a fat kid jumpin’ on a dough nut, and is just about the coolest thing ever. Not even a Mac can touch this thing and it’s Dual Core goodness.

Now I’m ready for some serious fraggin’!

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