CompUSA – Are ya poopin?

CompUSAThe short answer? Yup.

According to this news article, 126 stores are being excised from the hemhoraging company in order to either save it or reduce it’s loses when they are ditched altogether. Either way it’s no great lose. They’re prices couldn’t touch those online, and the store in Buffalo NY (which is no longer listed on the CompUSA store listing) was a complete disgrace. It was crowded, dark and dirty. Plus the service blew complete chunks. Not as bad as the Circuit City in Orchard Park, but close.

So long CompUSA, I hardly knew ya.

I guess if you’re looking for a deal, head up to the Buffalo store tomorrow or maybe this weekend – fight the hordes of drooling geeks and enjoy the fisticuffs for parts.

The downside is all of those folks who are either getting tossed or have gotten tossed already, by what I have read so far they got shite for notice before being kicked out the door. Figures. A shite store would treat its employees like shite. The company will get what it deserves – and everyone will be better off shopping online.

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