5 days and a headache later: Cuil doesn’t make the grade

Steaming Pile of PooI was willing to give Cuil the benefit of the doubt, but I have to say that after using it heavily for the last 5 days – this isn't a competitor for Google: not at this stage of the game. I know I said I would use it as my default search for a week, but it slows me down so much that I just can't bear any longer, which makes it the August recipient of the Steaming Pile of Poo Award.

The biggest reason is that it simply doesn't return results when it should be. Case in point, since I redesigned my blog over the past few days (ain't nice lookin'?), I had been trying to get mootools setup so I could scroll the page back to the top, rather than the boring way. I haven't had any luck, but Cuil doesn't return results, where Google does. This is only a single instance too. There have been numerous times over the past several days that I have been looking for something to have either no results at all be returned, or have results that don't have anything relative to say about the search topic. For a search company who touts they have the most indexed pages, they seem to have a lot of things missing, or massive hardware failures.

As I pointed out in my earlier post, they still don't have features like the site: search and image search, so that counts against them as well. What they do have with images is a strange idea of pulling images from other sites that link to the site where the results were returned from. WTF? If that is true, then maybe there was reason some of these folks left Google: because that idea is utter crap. So what you get there is a porn attached to non-porn sites, like some hapless lol-cats searcher (NSFW) a few days ago; don't look at the picture, and don't say I didn't warn you.

I think it's time these folks belly up to the tofu bar and knuckle down to do some real work if they want to salvage this thing. Put down the strawberries and muffins and get back to work. I know things are different in The Valley – but we all have to earn our keep sometime and sitting around like some half-baked teenager just after 4:20 just before a fit of the munchies isn't get the ones and zeros lined up.

I'm not making any predictions on the deadpool for this one, because I honestly think it has potential, but they better git to it. In the meantime – back to Google; after all, I've got stuff to do.

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