Who knew the Dark Side was so fun?

50 Dark Movies, hidden in a painting - M&Ms Dark

This is a great site. It’s a promo site for M&Ms Dark – and it’s super-cool… In a spooky way….

It’s a pretty original idea. Take a painting of suggestive images that represent horror movies, and makes folks guess which movie it is for. It’s pretty damned immersive, and pretty frickin’ hard. There are 50 movies represented here, and you are timed to how long it takes you to name them all. So far I have 30 +/-, but I am not a huge horror film buff.

Check it out – it’s a kick.

2 thoughts on “Who knew the Dark Side was so fun?”

  1. It is – very unique. I have seen people do picture based navigation before, but this is really elaborate, and the picture aren’t the menu – it’s pretty sweet – too hard for me to finish too…

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