Photoshop World: Pre-con goodness

Not really much to report other than my excitement about being in Boston, directly across from MIT, in the area of Fenway Park, and at Photoshop World for the first time.

I checked in about 5, and went upstairs to the convention center and first thing I ran into a former colleague Laurie Excell from my days at Pro Photo Supply in Portland. She is an amazing photographer and a great gal, so it’s fitting that she be part of this photo extravaganza, which is all kinda funny because I just reconnected with another old friend from the PPS days just yesterday. Funny that. Any way, I was hoping to check in and get my good y bag, but they closed pre-con registration at 2pm. Oh well. There’s always the intarwebs and my trusty lappy.

More fun and reporting tomorrow after the brain swell begins. Now, I’m trying to decide if I want to go back out with the camera and get some night shots of the city…..

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