Create your own fractals with Ruby Fractal Library 1.2.0

The newly updated version of the Ruby Fractal Library lets you get your fractal geek on while simultaneously getting your web geek on with Ruby. I haven’t had a chance to get into this yet, or even Ruby for that matter, but I have it added to the long list of things that I will be getting to if and when I win the lottery.

The most interesting part about tools like these is auto-generating things that can be classified as art, or used in the creation of art. Creating artwork by manipulating code; something which many people consider to be a form of art all unto itself; is an idea that I find completely intoxicating. Here are a few examples:

Jared Tarbell created Invader Fractal back in 2003 using ActionScript, and wisely made prints available (something which seems to have vanished). The patterns created here are very interesting and would make a nice edition to just about any cube wall….

Eric Natzke is another amazing artists who utilizes code to facilitate his creative process. Check out his latest work on flickr for an upcoming show in Toronto. Unfortunately I will be in the city about 3 weeks too early to see the opening.

Joshua Davis is another one too. His development, coding, and artistic ability is a trifecta of awesome. I have seen and followed his work since I first heard of him back in the day at a FlashForward conference.

Fractals artwork isn’t hard to find, nor is it hard to figure out why people find it fascinating. A simple Google search reveals a wealth of imagery and some spectacular examples. One of my favorites landing spots is Fractal World Gallery and naturally there’s good stuff on Deviant Art. Here’s a flash app to build and layer fractals as well, it totally aced Firefox a minute ago – so be warned, but it’s pretty cool.

Oops. I sort of went off on a tangent there. For more information on the Ruby Fractal Library, head over to CrunchLife and check Ryan’s post.

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