Wufoo – not an ancient Chinese fighting style…

wufoo   making forms easy + fast + funThis is really cool. I love new web apps. I’m not exactly sure where wufoo comes from.. scratch that – I have no idea where wufoo comes from – but it one of the coolest things I have seen around in a bit. I have kicked this idea around for a while now. No really, we have been talking about making dynamic forms at work almost the last year – but don’t really have the need.

The interface is really simple and straight forward. Uncluttered and clean. The fact that it is in Flash doesn’t hurt either. This is pretty sweet. I’m not sure what they plan on doing with it ultimately – but I will hang around and find out.

JotFormJotForm is another site doing the same thing, and actually I think they were doing it first. This is a bit different in that it does not utilize Flash, it is built on AJAX. So it is just as cool.

Makes me want to figure this out for work again. Even though I would be the one using it would still be fun.

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