The gadget freak wants a new toy…

We know what Origami is right?
Microsoft Origamithe art of paper-folding
Well maybe not anymore. I ran across this just a little bit ago and I must say that I am very intrigued by this little video on Digital Kitchen’s website.

If you hit their site, and check out the work section, go to BrandTheatre, and tag the link to Microsoft Origami. It’s a pretty slick little video.

Microsoft just launched this little guy here too, There isn’t much info on the site, just a date – 3.2.06 – and an RSS feed.  I’m generally not a sucker for the old marketing traps, but this has hit me right in the geek-spot. I don’t even really know what it is, and I want one. It looks like a tablet thinga-ma-bob, and I have been Jonsing for a tablet PC for a while. I bought my iPod and that has been able to stem the tide a bit, but I long for a gadget. A really cool, kickin’ full-functioned toy. In fact, I was just sayin’ to Brent a few weeks ago how someone should make something like this so I could buy it.

There was Leica digital camera in the video too, a Digilux 2 to be exact. Which has reminded me how much I absolutely love the look of old Leica range finders. They are like the Volvo’s of cameras. They are simply beautiful. Always have been, and I imagine they always will be. Too bad the damn thing is like $1,800.00!

Anyway, be sure to come back in a couple of days, since I will most certainly be posting again about Origami.

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