VoltronVoltron: Defenders of the Universe
So I guess that someone at New Line Cinemas has the same good memories of watching Voltron everyday after I get home from school, right after I get done watching RoboTech. I say this since they are planning on a feature film showcasing the big arse robot himself; Voltron. this is really pretty funny. I will most likely go and see it, uhhh, with my kids of course.

I just ran across another drawing I did back in the day of one of the lions, I honestly can’t recall which one, but it is unmistakable as one those quirky kitty bots.

Fortunately for the movie industry, and unfortunately for me, and many other Dads out there, the toy industry for movies like this is even bigger than the movie. I can see it now, execs with dollar signs in their eyes are all scampering about like greedy little rats trying to get the best deals for the next version of cheaply made crap toys to shovel down the massive face of the public toy consumer. It’s a shame that it will most likely be garbage too. just like the new Star Wars figures. I bought one to be the pilot for my helium filled space ship, and his freakin’ arm broke off while getting it out of the packaging. What do you think Hasbro had to say to this? Nothing. They don’t care. Since they have the toy right, rest assured the quality will be right up to those standards.

Oops, gettin off track… I’m interested in the progress of the movie, so I guess I will have to keep track of this too now… Thanks Br4x.

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