best efforts

Are web sites ever done? I mean, does a web geek like me actually ever stop screwing around with the layout and function? I’m guessing the answer I am searching for is no. Nope. Never.

That’s okay I guess.

So as you can tell I have been changing things up here again. I am also really looking at the template I used for the initial layout, and the more I look at it – the more I think it is flawed, and doesn’t utilize CSS as well as it could. there’s a lot of weird redundancies, as well as cryptic spacing habits. It’s not a huge surprise though – it’s not like I paid for it. Besides I am on a standards kick right now. Especially at work.

I have been running across a lot of weird practices in coding over the last several months, and I am trying to lighten my work-load and to get CSS to do more work for me so I can make more Flash games – not dorking around with static styles for days at end.

So look for more changes to come – they may not ever actually stop – but rest assured the changes will all be for the best – whether you think so or not…

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