While I was gone…

So who’s says going on vacation is a good idea? I’m beginning to think I need to be like the 25% of the country who doesn’t take any vacation. So the Fam and I zip down to the Penninsula to have a bit of fun and ditch the cold, and the first day there… I wind up having to go to the emergency room.

It’s fun, if you haven’t tried it; do. So after my 4 day stay in the beautiful casa-del-Englewood (aka Englewood Community Hospital) I get out and wind up feeling like crap for the next week almost. All in all it was a good visit with me pappy and his, and I’m glad we went – that being said it could have gone better.

Donovan and I went out on the boat my Dad Captains, and he enjoyed himself immensely. He had a bit of a dodgey start, he was a little unsure of all the water, but he quickly got over it and we went stem to stern, top to bottom, and all over that boat before the 1 hour and a half was up.


If anyone is ever in Punta Gorda and wants to take a site seeing tour of Charlotte Harbor, Cayo Costa, Cabbage Key or the Peace River – [url=http://www.kingfisherfleet.com/default.htm][b]here is the website[/b][/url].

So now I’m feeling better and have some [b]shite[/b] to deal with down the line – which I ain’t gettin’ into here cus’ it sucks and I don’t feel like posting it. TThhhppppttttt…..

More [b]entertainment[/b] to follow….

Oh yeah; hey Dad… look in the spare bedroom will ya?

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