Wallace & Gromit hit the Big Screen!


This makes may day! I haven’t been able to get enough Wallace & Gromit since I downloaded the Cracking Contraptions shorts from [url=http://www.atomfilms.com]Atom Films[/url] a couple of years ago, and now they’ve gone and made a movie! [url=http://www.apple.com/trailers/dreamworks/wallace_and_gromit/featurette/][b]The trailer[/b][/url] is pretty cool, although I must say it’s more of a teaser since it goes into the making of it a bit and shows sets, and the like. What it does show of the movie is definately interesting enough to make me want to see it – but that’s what it’s designed to do right?


If the movie is even only as well made, and entertaining as all of the shorts, it will be well worth it. I for one will be of the first in the doors (towing my oldest along), introducing yet another to some good, clean animated fun. [url=http://www.wandg.com/]Here is the movie site as well.[/url]

For those of you who are not familiar with this quirky little duo; they were created by Nick park who joined Aardman and began producing shorts starring a quirky little chap and his rather smart pooch. There have been several shorts, most of which you can find online. Wallace is the [b]Master[/b] and Gromit is his faithful companion. And, as things usually go, Gromit does a pretty good job of keeping Wallace from getting into too much trouble in his quest for cheese, or his goony little inventions.

Here are a couple more site to look at:


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