What to do with those AOL cds you get…

[url=http://nomoreaolcds.com/]Give back to AOL…[/url]

This is pretty damn funny. You see these stinkin cds all over Gods green Earth, and you get them in the mail. I get a couple a month or so – so I don’t really care too much. But this is an awesome idea. Dump 1 million AOL CDs in their parking lot. Would it be considered littering since you are simply returning them to the sender? Hmmmmm….

You know what else? I wouldn’t mind doing this with the 50 some odd credit card applications I get every month. Actually, I have started doing what my brother does: rip up the parts, and send them back in the postage paid envelope. That way they get to pay for it twice. I mean, how many CitiBank cards do I need? I already have 1 – do I really need to get 8 or 9 applications from them every month? I’m thinkin’ not.

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  1. Arrrggg!! Now I am starting to get peoplepc cd’s in the mail…christ!! I am going to put refused, return to sender on it, and see if it goes away… =)

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