Travis Pastrana; this guy is just plain crazy.

Okay, so the folks over at Trek Bikes have just got to be going nuts over this clip. Watch first – yap later.

So Travis Pastrana does a back flip on a Trek Mod. A $200 kids bike that I have never seen a kid riding, but I have seen plenty of reviews by Dads going on about how much fun this thing is. I know tons of guys back in Portland that would be on this thing like a fat kid on a doughnut. It's sturdy, inexpensive and has plastic rear wheels which means it's great for drifting. Of coarse it has the added bonus of freewheeling pedals up front and a brake.

When this clip first loaded up, I thought for sure it was going to be a variation of the Tony Hawk skateboard loop trick. Nope. Pastrana will jump and flip just about anything I think – like I said the guy is crazy, but he's got ginormous balls of solid brass. No way i would do this. I'd freakin' land on my frickin grape.

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