9 movie wallpapers – I couldn’t help myself

9I ran across this movie on Quicktime some months ago and I have been fairly obsessed with it ever since. From the trailer and what I have read about its origins and Shane Acker9 seems to be an amazing movie.

I've been a fan of animated movies from way back in the day. My love for anime started back in the days of Robotech, and hasn't waned all that much. Final Fantasy back in 2001 brought me back into this genre and I can't wait until September for 9 to come out. So naturally, I had to create a few wallpapers, especially since it has been a while. Also for anyone who is interested, the music for the trailer is Coheed & Cambria – Welcome Home. There isn't an instrumental version out there that I know of, so it was just artistically edited for the trailer.

The choice of the music is dead on too – the guys who edit trailers really know their job and I have to give a nod. They create stunning, kick-butt segments that beg me to go and drop the coin to see the full-length features. Sometimes though, they are too good, and the trailers are better than the flick; but I am really hoping this isn't one of those cases.

Anyway, enjoy the walls.

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