There should be a stupid tax

About 5 months ago I was reading about The Mess on Everest in Outside magazine, and it really sent me for a loop as to how damned stupid people (and at times, Magazines) can be. Being that I am way behind on a lot of the magazines I get, I was looking through the November issue of Outside, and some jackass from Cali writes in:

…I’m the classic climber who has more money than brains.

I was instead offered a spot on their 2007 Everest expedition. I have no business attempting everest, but will I let that stop me? No way.

This guy is a prime example of what is wrong with the groups leading and being led up some of the worlds toughest summits. If season and experienced alpine climbers die on Everest (and others), why in the hell are these half-wits going up? Oh yeah, that’s right…. Everyone who has the 40 k to slap down has earned their spot. Especially in the world where the dollar is the same as the right.

This is the exact attitude, or is it ineptitude? That will get themselves, or God forbid someone else killed. If you don’t know the difference between rappelling and belaying, stay the hell of the mountains, and for Gods sake – stay below the Death Zone.

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