The internet is what?!

Pile of pooI ran across this site today while scanning some tag feeds from, and I can’t say that I totally agree with it or disagree either. It’s really easy to sit to the side and claim a fact, and it’s another to have it supported by more than the mere conjecture rallied against in ones angst ridden, text-driven performance.

Besides, are bloggers any less factual than what we have come to get from the media these days? The media bends the truth just like everyone else. Take the fact that when the Government and the media talk about soldiers killed in the war in Iraq, the figure they display are only those soldiers actually killed on the terra firma of Iraq. They do not include anyone who dies en-route to a foreign hospital or due to complications later, regardless of where they originally received the wounds that resulted in their death. It’s easy to find enough truth, and enough deception to make your case either way.

Where I do agree with the site, is in the fact that folks need to get over the whole thing of the Internet being the end-all-to-be-all. It’s not. It’s a tool, like anything else that can be used to create a positive result, or can be used to create a negative result. Take Wal-Marts new beta Video download service which supports only IE. I guess they don’t realize the negative press they are going to get over this straight out of the 90s maneuver. Maybe they haven’t realized that the majority of people who would download from them also use Firefox and other browsers because IE sucks slimy eggs; more likely – they don’t care; they’re Wal-Mart if you don’t like it, to damn bad. Then there are sites like, Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen, Crunchlife and that provide good information right along side blog posts chock full of educated opinions and random thoughts. To me, sites like these are more valuable in some cases than the media sites pretending to deliver unbiased reporting, I mean we all know they don’t so they should just come out and be more like Fox and O’Reilly.

At any rate, the site is a decent site. Interesting in the fact that it’s just text, easy to read, and over analyzed with the use of type and leading. With its endearing message, the site is sure to be a hit, remaining arguable for the next 5 decades.

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