Get off the web & step away from the Mac

Whatever you say
Turn on the boob tube
I’m in the mood to obey

A few days ago I received an email letting me know that the latest version of iWork has been released, and according to Steve and the gang I should go and buy it. Being the good consumer, I actually considered. I was thinking about this today too – I took the boys out today, and since we were in Buffalo I was thinking of stopping at the Apple Store.

Why is this post worthy? Because, I actually had to fight a short internal battle over whether or no I should spend the $80 bucks for the new version. I mean WTF? Where is that coming from? I mean come on, I’ve opened Pages all of 3 or 4 times since I bought it, and I have never opened the other bit, Keynote. It’s been this way since I bought this PowerBook Pro a couple months ago – I have been addicted to buying Mac-shit and consider buying things that I know I don’t need. I’m turning into a Mac fanboy. AArrrrrrggghhh!

No. Not really. I do love this thing, and there have been several instances since I bought that I have considered taking a hatchet to my Windows machine, but it’s not perfect either. Just now in fact I had to uninstall ShapeShifter again because iTunes decided it didn’t want to open again. ShapeShifter is a cool little app that lets you skin OS X, but it doesn’t seem to work right – too bad I paid $20 bucks for it.

I’m usually not very easy to get caught up in the advertising hype for new software/hardware, but I have been abnormally influenced since purchasing my new Mac, and the only thing I can attribute it too is that there is some sort of alien technology in my laptop that is telling my brain to buy new Apple products….. or maybe it’s just that Apple does a damn good job at marketing their wares.

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