Superman Returns


I just ran into this today as well, I was parusing [url=][/url], and if you’ve never been… go. there’s so good stuff there maynard. The WB just released a [url=]press release[/url] stating that [url=]Brandon Routh[/url] (whoever the hell he is) will be playing the Man himself in the upcoming flick.

I am keenly interested in following the development of this new movie. I love Superman almost as much as Spiderman. It’s a close call – but Spidey wins. Sorry Clark.

Anyway check these guys out too – [url=]superman-v[/url] – there are a couple of nice desktops and some interesting reading if you are a big dork like me and like comics.

Check back for links to the trailer and movie site – should be going online here soon…

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