Halo 2 – Gimme an X-Box…NOW!!!


So. I finally had a chance to play the new Halo 2 for X-Box – and ya’ know what? It freakin’ rules! It kicks the steaming crap out of Halo, and that’s quite a feat. I love Halo. It’s awesome. But Halo 2 – I’ve never wanted a gaming console more than I do right now.

The graphics are stellar, and the game play is outstanding. Packed with details and more interaction than the first iteration could ever even hope to achieve. I’ve been a fan of [url=http://www.bungie.net/]Bungie[/url] since I first laid eyes on Marathon and played it endlessly on my old Mac PowerPC. Even the interaction is smooth, and expanded to the point of rediculous. Double fisted weapons. In fact any weapon you can use with one hand can be doubled. So 2 plasma rifles or needlers mince the Covenent like a brand new Kitchen Aide blender set to frappe’.

Another reason I like Bungie – they have done what pretty much no else has ever even thought of. They released the source code for the Mac OS version of Marathon. You can actually download the [url=http://trilogyrelease.bungie.org/][b]whole trilogy here[/b][/url].

If only they would have for the PC as well.

It’s amazing though, this community sprung up around the source of this game and it has gone completely noo-noo. Level editors and the whole shebang. There’s even a language developed for creating textures, weapons, U.I.s and a host of other uses, for Marathon [url=http://source.bungie.org./_contentcreation/engine_extentions/mml/MML.html](MML – Marathon markup Language)[/url]. So why doesn’t Billy take a hint and release a map editor for Halo then? [b][i]Why Bill, WHY?![/i][/b] Oh well, it’s not like I have so much free time that I would spend it making maps for Halo – but that’s what other folks are for – to entertain the rest of us.

So I hear that the new X-Box comes out this year, most likely I won’t buy it – but I do hope that Halo 2 hits the PC shelf by Christmas. You hear that Bill? Release it for PC ya’ dope!

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