Another Spiderman wallpaper – now I’m getting excited

Spiderman 3 wallpaper - The two suits

I just couldn’t help myself, I had to make another Spiderman 3 wallpaper. Why? Because Spidey is my man crush. Spiderman is awesome, and  I am so happy that I get to see the new Spidey on my birthday! Happy birthday to me….

So here is the 1600 x 1200 version on my wallpapers page. I also made one (for me really) to fit wide screen monitors, since I have a 20" Dell that goes to 1680 x 1050 resolution.

There are a ton more images to download from the Spiderman 3 website on Sony, in fact they have done a massive amount of work on the site in general since my last visit. The new preloader animation timer is cool. I know it looks like the one on OS X, but it starts out dim and gets brighter as it gets closer to 100% – that’s something new and I like it; definitely a nice touch. The site now is worthy of high praise, I mean it was cool before, but with all of the content that is available on the site now, it is a rare treat to behold. A complete website from the movie industry, and more than a couple of weeks before the movie releases.

There is a pretty sweet little clip on how they make the webbing on the suit – and naturally it is very labor intensive, and probably makes each suit worth; oh… I don’t know… 10k? Who knows – more than I can afford. Not that anyone really wants to see me squeeze my 34 year old arse into a spandex body suit.

Bruce Campbell talks a bit too about how important his characters are to the movies, and you know what? He’s right! He has to be, he’s Bruce Campbell!

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