Someone at Geico is using their noodle

I saw this commercial for the first time last night, and the first thing I did was stop it, and tell the little lady that I damn well better be able to go to and download that ringtone. I’m sure there was trailing’s off as I finished watching it and rewound it to listen to the ringtone again, but the gist is just that.

Since I had some free time today sitting and waiting around for an appointment, I decided to head out the on my venerable iPhone, and see if I could get it. And you know what? You can. Honestly, I am kind of shocked. Shocked in the way that I can actually go and do something so makes so much perfect sense that most people wouldn’t even think twice about it being available. Unfortunately, too often companies miss the boat, and someone along the way makes a bad decision to not do finish the implementation. That’s what this is too, it’s just another step in the whole campaign, not another extra, or silly download that most people don’t care about. Fact is, most people don’t care until you don’t give them the option that they expect to have – then they get all seven kinds of bent.

+1 internets to Geico. Great JJEEEOOORRRGGGHHHBBB!!!!

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