Some people have way too much money.

Steve Wozniak Business CardThis just goes to show you, some folks have more money than they know what to do with. Woz was on The Colbert Report the other night, and had the pictured business card with him. I first saw this on Digg, and then found the card on ebay.

Not too terribly surprising that after the dust settled, some 85 bids and $560 duckettes later, a large amount of money is separated from yet another left-coaster with (obviously) too much of it to be bothered with the absurdity of his purchase.

It’s a really cool card, and Woz is a celebrity, so I guess it makes sense right? Nope. I woulda paid like $25 bucks for it – why? Because I have never had a metal business card before, plus it has his phone number on it – prank calls are fun….. Okay, so I wouldn’t prank him either – but the card is cool. Not $560 bags of Doritoes cool; but cool.

I hope the dude buys him more than a Double Whopper with fries.

***Loose Translation:
I’m just jealous because my business cards are Laser Printed on perforated paper from Staples.

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