So long to the grungiest Taco Bell east of the Mason Dixon line

Taco Bell shrapnelThis is a suitable end to what had to be the most disgusting restaurant I have ever set foot in. This place was sheer filth – okay – maybe not quite that bad, but if ever there was a need to rip down a scummy fast food joint, this was the top candidate.

The drive through in this place was like a poorly maintained country back road, ruts, and potholes so deep the Volvo bottomed out one time. Still, it saddens me just a bit. The closest Taco Bell is now almost a full hour away, and that’s too dang far to drive for wannabe Mexican food. This was about as close to fast food as I am willing to get, and actually if you look at the actual nutritional value its not that bad, and not super fatty as long as you skip the supreme option on everything.

Given that I wouldn’t eat inside this place, just go through the drive through – it needed to be razed in the worst way. Hopefully they will replace it with a swankin’ new one. But in the meantime, I guess I will have to get my gut-bomb fix elsewhere….

2 thoughts on “So long to the grungiest Taco Bell east of the Mason Dixon line”

  1. Yeah, I first saw it on Thursday? I think. Anyway, I was pissed because I left my camera at home, and the building was still up – but the roof was all caved in the frame – it would have been a great shot….

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