Since I’m talking Star Wars…

[url=]Alienware[/url] has always been good about having uniquely styled cases and laptops with unsurpassed quality & performance – however, with the new [url=]Star Wars Aurora machines[/url] – they have hit the jackpot!


I’m telling you right now, that if I can find enough stuff to sell to get one of these I will. This this is a kickin’ ‘puter with an outstanding paint job. The tough part is to choose which case to get. I have no idea. None. Zippo. Zilch. Nada…. With the Intel pounding AMD 64 engine powering these crunchers, it’s sure to power even your most demanding games.

Good job Alienware!!!

Anyone need a 21″ monitor? How about a 4×5 camera? Maybe an enlarger? The list goes on…..

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