Oh, I’m sorry… not what you were looking for?

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This is like icing on the cake baby! So, as it happens I guess folks actually like Bob Roll, and they search for him on Google. Neat. So if you checked the link above, you will see what they get…

The post I made in my enthusiasm when the Tour started this year… I know, the guy rode with some greats. Rode in the Tour 4 times and placed as high as 63rd. I don’t care. First, take his hands and stuff them up his arse. This guy talks more with his hands than a deaf person – it’s TV Bob, it has sound – kill the Bobke gesture-matics. Second, he pronounces Tour de France like a tard (i.e. Tore day france). If you’ve ridden it, you should be able to say it – and if you can’t; just shut the hell up.

All I can say is, I would listen to Al Trautwig and his fake – n – bake tan any day over Roll. The race doesn’t need him; he actually detracts from the coverage. Okay, so #11 isn’t as good as #2, but it still makes me laugh my sarcastic head off!

You want Bob Roll, I’ll give you Bob Roll…. I salute you I’m not exactly sure what this site is really up to, but it’s a pretty damn funny way to open a site.

2 thoughts on “Oh, I’m sorry… not what you were looking for?”

  1. LOL!! =) I think that you just wanted to flip everyone off, and that’s the way to do it, without actually doing it yourself… 😉

  2. that could be, I wouldn’t deny the urge – but it was really funny to find that URL – especially considering why I was looking for it…

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