It’s not every day you find 20 Dodos in a hole.

DodosRecently, a mass grave of Dodos was discovered on the island of Mauritius. A team of Dutch and Mauritian scientists discovered the 20 skeletons, and are hoping to discover more information as to the life of the Dodo.

Several other articles are linked to from that article page, providing a bit more insight into the Dodo Way.

It took its name from the Portuguese word for "fool", and was hunted to extinction within 200 years of Europeans landing on Mauritius.

I still prefer the depiction provided in the movie Ice Age, which has a sequel arriving soon, seems to be a perfect description of a bird whose name is fool.

Considering that they were able extract DNA from the flightless fowl, we should be able to pull a Jurassic Park on the dippy birds, and recreate a duplicate Dodo for all the world to be amazed and astounded by its stupidity. That sounds like a plan. Combine the Dodo DNA with Ostrich DNA and viola!

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