Mel Gibson is off his nut!

Apocalypto - Movie site logo

So, I’m not exactly sure what the deal is with this new movie. I’ve watched the trailer, and the teaser – but Mel’s vision escapes me. What doesn’t escape me is that this guy has spent too much time suckin’ the juice from fermented kiwis.

Mel Gibson - Must have forgotten it's "tok - tok - give..."Go out to and watch the trailer. Then when you’re done. Cycle back to 1:46 and take a gander at the still. It’s not different than the shot you see right here, but WTF? Mel? Smokin’ the wacky weed?

So for a bit more info into the movie, check out the movie site here. Now don’t get your hopes up though – the entire site is basically "coming soon", but there is a paragraph about the story. Now mind you, it really isn’t anything you can’t decipher from the video clip.

I’m not going to put any more effort into figuring out – right now it isn’t that intriguing. I just find this movie still pretty damn funny. This guy is a nut case.

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