Identity theft is the result of complete idiocy.

That’s right. I said it. If you are the victim of a stolen identity, there is a 95% chance that it is the result of a seriously idiotic, brain-dead, maneuver. Yeah but you know what the catch is? Chances are high that it’s not your fault.

4 days ago and 2 weeks after it happened, the VA finally nutted up and said that some jackass at the VA took home a laptop with 26.5 millions Vets DOB & SSN in it. WTF?! I’ll say it again; 26.5 million. According to most reports, that’s every single living vet. And guess what Charlie Brown. That’s right. If I had a cookie to dole out, you’d get it. That laptop was stolen. This is the second biggest data loss so far, only dwarfed by the incomprehensible ass-clowns at CardSystems Solutions, who lost 40 million records last June. Some folks are even saying that the spouses of some vets could be included in this loss as well. This is awesome.

At a time when our Government is supposedly watching out for us more than ever due to countless ways terrorists can attack us (according to Dick, we are in constant danger – and he must safe-guard the nation by hiding.), they are doing nothing to safe guard our data. Nothing. It is inconceivable to me that a single person would have access to take the entire Database home on a laptop, and have (supposedly) no one know about it. Unless this joker was a high level manager and/or System Administrator – they shouldn’t have had rights to it. This would be tantamount to me walking in to work on Tuesday, and skipping out with the accounting database, and then having my laptop stolen. "Oops sorry Greg, I guess I’m a retard. Please don’t be mad." The person who did this should go to jail. Every single one of this idiots supervisors should be fired.

The thing that really pisses me off, other than I know my data is in that group, is no one is doing a damned thing. "Oh gee, it’s a long weekend, so sorry folks, me and the Pres are going to the ranch – I promise I’ll get to it first thing in June."  The VA issued standard BS about it. Other  folks aren’t surprised. Me, I’m just pissed. I have done an excellent job at keeping mine, and my family’s information secure and safe – just to have it betrayed by the complete ineptitude of our Government. Thanks a-holes.

This is the single greatest threat to the American public. And we aren’t doing anything about it. No one in big government cares. Just us. I wonder when it’s going to be important to the people who are supposed to be safe guarding the well being of the general public? A US General getting his ID stolen didn’t do it. Of course it wasn’t really stolen – some other inept government employee posted it on a official website.  Unless the President himself is a victim, my guess is the American public is going to remain hung out to dry, fending for themselves…

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  1. And don’t you just love how they are saying everything will be just fine?? I wish they would let some of us Vets take that boy out and give him a whuppin’. Won’t do anything for my info that was lost, but I’d still enjoy it, and it may make the next dumb ass that takes his place think twice before doing something so idiotic. Prob’ly not since no one is ever held accountable for their actions.

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