Ice Giants, Water Giants & giant hoax’s

The head of the beastI ran across this Ice Giant video and it is really quite funny. The whole idea is interesting but, hey look for yourself, then come back….

There is a ton of stuff on the site of various Giant things supposedly found around the world, even something uncovered by the Tsunami recently. Interesting.

The ice giant video is very, uhhmm, rendered. The backdrop looks like a scene painting, and most likely is. The biggest question I have is, if these are real finding, why haven’t I seen anything on the actual news? It would be all over NBC, BBC, Reuters, CNN etc… Instead, all I get is how many military folk are getting hurt/killed, and where the President is vacationing now and how scared we all should be – as eloquently explained by the master of doom & gloom Cheney.

I have found a lot of folk who think this is the latest Marketing ploy by Sony to promote their new game Shadow of the Colossus.   After looking at some of the screenshots, I am leaning to that conclusion myself. Now, I am not always so quick to dismiss this sort of thing, because I am quite certain that there are a great many thing about our planet and its history that we do not know – but there would be a huge and decisive media frenzy building over such a discovery.

What really has me intrigued though, is the idea behind this sort of marketing. It isn’t too far off for companies to have the ability to make rendered video so realistic that it is not easily possible to discern the fake from the real. So these sorts of campaigns could get very interesting and have some wildly unpredictable results upon the community unto which they are released.

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