Best Buy – wouldn’t exactly call them the best…

Best Buy Sucks the shooter

I really like it when a company’s customer service sucks so bad that they are willing to lose a customer over a matter of $10. That’s exactly what Best Buy did today, when they decided to tell me that they weren’t going to honor my purchase of preorder since I didn’t also at the same time order a product which was not on the website – which also happens to be the same damn thing I was preordering. Now maybe I just don’t get the concept of a preorder, but when it states that something is a preorder, then that means whatever you pay for the preorder gets applied to the actual order. Yes?

Ultimately, I guess it doesn’t really matter. When you get down to it, Best Buy sucks anyway (hehehe I like the Google results too). Their return policy sucks. Look at Circuit City’s and you’ll see what I mean. Their prices are nothing special – even when they have stuff on sale. I will be buying everything on line from now on. I will most likely go to Best Buy when I am in town – so I can see something in person, check it out, waste the sales dorks time and effort… then go buy it at NewEgg or or something. They are ALWAYS cheaper anyway, usually by a lot.

Apple bapple fofapple…

While I’m on a roll too, I bought an iPod the other weekend. Through some fantastic twist of fate, I had been afforded the opportunity to come into money that covered almost half of the $399 price tag. I like it when stuff like that happens. Yes. I am being vague on purpose. iPodGet over it. So I absolutely love this thing. Thank you Jobs! It makes me want to buy more Apple products. Like the new G5 iMac, or the Mac Mini, or any other myriad of Apple products. It’s fun. It’s hip. It helps me get the chics…. err…. not so much actually. 

Any way. It’s sweet. The video screen is wonderfully clear, the device is fast and small. I wonder why though I just saw an ad on Circuit City’s website that displayed the iPod with the Revenge of the Sith on it… Didn’t know anyone was releasing movies that aren’t out on DVD to the iPod video format just yet.

So before I get too far off base. I asked when I bought it, why I would want to get the AppleCare – and come to find out; I don’t. Hence I didn’t. But, Apple being the fine upstanding company offers 90 days of free tech support. SO. I call these folks to find out how I can get my iPod to act as my Library at work – so I don’t have to copy all 22gb of music to my work machine. This knucklehead proceeds to tell me I cannot – and it’s due to anti-piracy crap. THANKS AGAIN TO THE RIAA for demasculating a wonderful product! Now you would think the story ends there. Negative.

Now, figuring this guys is a tard, and never actually used an iPod I did some playing around with it. And sure enough! What am I doing right now? You guessed er’ Chester! Using it as my library with no problem. All I had to do was set it to NOT update on both machines. And viola! Instant usage just as planned. All I have left to say, is at least I didn’t get "Hello, my name is Steve…"

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