I guess Lifetime needs a bit more doh!

Need a bit more cash for your business? Raise your rates 70%!This is great. I love it when companies get all uppity and then get the smack-down put on them. How the hell can they justify a 70% rate hike? It’s not like I really care anyway, since the Lifetime Network is just another useless station I pay for with my Dish.

I wonder what makes them think that is a good idea? I wonder too if they are ultimately going top get away with it? I mean, other companies get to rape the consumer on a daily basis, especially when you are talking about necessary items. Take our natural gas company for example. They raised our rates around 40% this last month – good thing the government looks out for the people. Look at what happened with the gas prices this summer with all the hurricanes; the gas prices here soared up to $3 plus a gallon, because of shortages and damage to the pipeline and refineries – but lo-and-behold, the Oil companies posted record profits. Again!

But back to the Lifetime Network, this is really funny considering their current dealings with Dish – although most likely it’s everyone – even cable. They sponsor all these charitable events, do a lot of community service type events and the like – but yet they are sticking it to the very people that they claim to be trying to help. What do they think will ultimately happen if they succeed in extorting the TV companies? The costs will get passed on to the viewers, who already pay far too much for a wide variety of useless channels bundled with 2 or 3 good ones. They can’t even get a website designer/developer to make their website work correctly in all browsers. I’m just talking about the 2 major ones right now too.

Feel free to contact them and give them what for…

2 thoughts on “I guess Lifetime needs a bit more doh!”

  1. 70% more for a channel I’ve never even seen. Sounds good to me. Now they have Women’s Entertainment or something on there, with that message scrolling along the bottom. I hope they don’t cave in, then they’ll be just as bad as cable. 🙁

  2. I guess they dropped them today. I saw a blurb on AOL’s website whilst I was cancelling the AOL account I used at work for testing…

    Guess they lost their gamble.

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