How to lose 12 Billion in cash.

1. Get President Bush to think it’s a "grand idear".
2. Parse out 12 Billion dollars into 100 dollar bills.
3. Load 1.2 million 100 dollar bills onto wooden pallets.
4. Transport said pallets on a C-130 cargo plane to Iraq.
5. Allow a scattered an unstructured Governing body to handle the money with no supervision.

Yeah, we be smart – they be dumb. If that’s the case, then how is it that this jackass Bremer was inflicted upon Iraq with 12 Billion in cash and no way to track the spending and disbursement of the money? Did he think that the Iraqi people were so inherently honest that they wouldn’t be tempted at all by the cash floating around? That’s not to say they aren’t, but come on! How naive, or is it stupid, does one person have to be?

Now there is a Senate oversight committee being formed promising two years of investigations of fraud, waste and abuse on the Bush administration’s watch. Along with several pages and forms tracking the same thing. Good thing our Government is on the ball with this one.

I first heard this tonight on the Daily Show, but this is simply another example of our Government pissing away money (even if it truly all is Iraqi funds), with little to no regard as to what it is actually being used for, or more importantly; who is receiving it. This country is hemorrhaging so much money that it will be incapable of recovering within the next decade. We still have an insane number of poverty strickin families in this country, no adequate health care, utter destruction still in New Orleans, and complete chaos in Washington – so much so that it’s going to look like the last California gubanetorial primary for our next Presidential election.

I’m going to vote for R. Lee Ermey for President.

Vote Gunny 2008

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