Another gadget for the toolkit.

I finally broke down and bought a cell phone on Monday, since I will be doing so much traveling back and forth to Pittsburgh over the next year, Litsa and I decided to go with a dual line plan, and signed me up. Naturally, I couldn’t just get the bargain basement phone, so I bought the new Motorola Krzr. It’s a sweet phone, and yes, I got it in red. Oh, excuse me… Fire. It’s sweet. It is of course a V-Cast phone, and has all the wireless navigation and web features that I will absolutely not be paying for. You can add a Micro SD card to it for storage, and the photo, and video options are pretty sweet. I don’t care about the music anyway, I have an iPod – so who cares if my phone plays music – but…. The voice commands options is sweet – I can have a lot of fun with that. Call..fatch!

Unfortunately, we still get zero service at our house, so the even and weekend minutes don’t do a whole lot of good, but anytime I need to get a hold of the wife – it’s free, so that’s a plus. And now the docs can reach me whenever they need to as well. I just need to convince the rest of the fam-damily to switch to Verizon so my network is bigger, and there are more in network calls to save some dough.

It’s still cold as hell here, and this morning while I was online – the little desktop weather widget I have had ice on the top of the window frame, so you know it’s cold when your computer has ice on it.

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