Holy fish fight Batman!

Fish fight on ther ReservoirWe met some friends today at Docksider’s Cafe along the Kinzua Reservoir for dinner and antagonizing the fish and ducks around the marina. What a riot! I have never seen such chaos of scraps of bread, chips and even dog food in my life. 13 puppies don’t go to these lengths to get their food as these animals – and I tell you what; some of these fish are huge!

Carp vs. Ducks

Several of the Carp were absolutely massive, in the 6 in or greater diameter range to be exact. Then of course is the fact that there are hundreds of them. They get all agitated and start slapping into each other, and create a moving mass of fish. It is indeed a sight to behold. Then come the ducks. You could hear Flight of the Valkyrie in the background as the hordes of feathered demons descend upon the scene.

There are easily as many ducks as fish, some small, small large – old and young. At times the water was so thick with fish that the ducks were scampering over the top of them, walking right on top of them actually. I guess the ducks were hungry too.

Quite a few times I grabbed a fish, and more often then not it didn’t give two squirts – but then one would get spooked and freak out the rest, and all of sudden half the water in the Reservoir was airborne! I didn’t dare go after the ducks, since I like my fingers.

If you’re in the area of the Kinzua Marina, check it out.

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  1. That is one ugly fish! How was the food at Docksider’s Cafe? I’ve lived my entire life in area and never eaten there.

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