Google defies Bush Circus demands for search engine queries

Google is my hero....It’s nice to see a company that is willing to stand up for what they believe in, even in the face of the very self-righteous administration currently governing our nation. Rebuffing the Bush administration’s demands for information gathered from Google users, and sticking their own necks out for what they believe in; do no evil. A struggle already dating back 6 months, Google Inc. continues to hold fast to the ideal that our (your) information is private, and should not be exploited by the government. A stance which none of the other search engines have held to. Yahoo has confirmed they released the information, and Microsoft is simply in a "neither confirm nor deny" stance. This right there is a reason to not use Yahoo and MSN.

Maintaining that they are just "trying to fight he good fight", the Bush knuckleheads insist that this information is critical, especially since they want to, at least in part, find out more about how folks search for porn. Yeah, right… essential. The "W" prolly just needs some help gettin’ his presidential wanker charged up for a night of…. okay. I’m stoppin’ right there. Ewwwww. Ew ew ewewew ewewww!

Any way you slice it. It’s crap. Give em’ hell guys!

1 thought on “Google defies Bush Circus demands for search engine queries”

  1. This makes me happy that I only use Google anymore. You just know a team with bibles in hand are going to come and visit you after they get what they want. Or a team in black suits, cause they think you are a terrorist, for looking up something on Ebay.

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