Flash email app!?

Okay, I know I’m a Flash dork/geek/junky. I can’t help it. Flash is the master of the universe and anyone who says different will have to deal with me. But this is pretty cool.

[url=http://www.goowy.com/]Goowy Flash Email[/url]

I’m not sure why they chose Goowy, but the appication is pretty sweet. It has skins, spell checking, drafts, customizable folders, contacts (with an import feature) – the list goes on. This is now the new Flash site of the week, and I urge you all to scope it out.

5 thoughts on “Flash email app!?”

  1. Call me jaded but while I am really curious about the product I don’t trust that my registration won’t simply become spam fodder. I know, I get more paranoid in my old age.

  2. The site is database driven, so how exactly is it less secure than yahoo, gmail, or even the email server you use for sevenpoundnine? Because it’s flash? I will give you a like file and if you can figure out how to get data out of my DB, I’ll buy you a Taco.

  3. It is not that it is less secure but rather that I know nothing about the company that runs it. What I am afraid of is that they are simply creating this app to farm email addresses and sell them to a spam company. Of course, to be fair, more than likely they are probably simply generating revenue by displaying ads in the ‘goowy’ itself but I find myself much more trusting of late then I use to be in my youth 🙂

    Oh and as for you ‘taco’ challenge, post a link to your database on a hacker site and offer a reward if someone can get in … go ahead I dare you.

  4. in regards to your “hacker” comment…

    :: NO FREAKIN’ WAY ::

    You ain’t no hacker and I ain’t no ijit… I’ll be sure to give you a taco of your choice if I start gettin slagged with spam cus I registered for email with Goowy…. 🙂

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