FITC: Day one

FITC Diddy bag o\' goodiesThis is awesome – I love the FITC conference more than… french toast? More than a cream cheese bagel even….

I picked up my goody-bag at check-in yesterday afternoon, and promptly went upstairs to survey the loot. Pretty cool stuff this year too. I am particularly fond of the little metal dude and the alarm clock guy – okay, well than and the I quite flip-off pop-up sign.

Day One:
I started the day off with a talk about Flex, Flash and mapping which was very cool. We have been kicking around options for building a new mapping application at work and this gives me a lot more information, options and ideas as to how we might be able to self-accomplish a new mapping application that would be more usable, portable and cheaper than the solution we currently have ultimately adding far more value to ou site. This talk was lead by Poly9 founder Greg Sadetsky and was a good start to the day, their FreeEarth app is very cool.

I chased that down with a talk about the new Adobe Media Player and again the ideas starting swimming about how I could use this, and possibly tie it into the mapping application. It all makes me want to get back into using Flex again, and doing more than just touch on what it can do – really start building meaningful applications. 

The entire day was awesome, I finished off with Erik Natzke talking about his digital art and the process he went through in order to begin creating the artwork he is working through now. If you haven't seen, take a look – it's completely amazing. I also bought a signed print from him while I had the chance. I know, total geek but oh well; you play the hand you are dealt.

My head is still swiming with ideas and concepts and that's exactly why I love coming to this event – I get to recharge my noggin – it's too bad it only happens once a year or every other year, but it's definately worth the price of admission and then some.

Day 2 is about to klick off, so I need to meditate or something before I get started again….

view from my window

This is the view from my window too – not too shabby…. 

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  1. WOW! I wish I was more into all the techno stuff. I love it when you are all jazzed! Glad you are getting refueled!

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